Sprintfit Lite Pro

> The Dark Horse?


Reebok have never really been renowned as leading the charge when it comes to the football boot kingdom. They have always seemed to be behind the likes of Adidas and Nike, but maybe the Reebok Sprintfit Lite could have an impact as this dark horse enters the arena.

The Sprintfit Lite Pro can be seen tearing the field apart at the foot of the one and only Thierry Henry (Barcelona). The Sprintfit Lite Pro comes in many different colours from white to the limited edition euro 2008 Reebok Gold boots. The boot has been designed to aid sprinting while adding more stability to the core of the foot by reducing shock absorbtion. Currently available in bit soft ground and firm ground styles meaning they have been built to stand the heat in Rio and the cold wet winters of the UK.

There is one glaringly obvious plus point to Reeboks Sprintfit Lite Pro, and that is the fact they now have a boot that competes and could be the dark horse when it comes to leading the charge of the boot wars. If players of Thierry Henrys calibre and charisma are turning to the Sprintfit Lite Pro, it clearly shows that they may have finally bridged the gap.

It seems this boot is perfect for the playmaker while adding the edge to your play. If you see yourself as a Thierry Henry then this boot could be the final piece to your game puzzle.

Starring: Thierry Henry (Barcelona) & Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)