> Puma’s 3rd Generation v1.10 Review


The Puma V1 range has become extremely popular in the past few seasons. Major players on the world stage like Samuel Eto’o and Nicolas Anelka at Chelsea are scoring goals on the regular with these, so they are definately worth shouting about! So, with the blazing 3rd generation of the Puma V1’s launching, in the Puma V1.10, what’s changed and are they still a worthy shout!

Puma v1.10 Lowdown

The Puma V1.10 are certainly built for touch in this instance. The new Puma V1’s have certainly been designed and created with touch being the forfront of the boot. Many will sya the Puma V range is built for speed, which it certainly is with the Ferrari range of the V1’s but the new v1.10 is certainly focusing on touch.

The new design incorporated a softer toe area so the touch of the ball is stronger. Secondly, the lace section of the boot has now been covered in the new design allowing a larger area for taking the ball down and under control, empahsizing the importance of touch on these boots. The upper of the boot is also a lighter synthetic material again to give the touch issue more importance.

The soleplate is still carbon fibre like the Ferraris keeping the speed element of the boot firmly installed. As far as we can see, the Puma V1.10 are certainly taking on a new level and these 3rd generations could be Pumas best so far! They are also available in many colours including the very bright chilli yellow (pictured above)!

Worn By: Eto’o, Anelka and Many More!