King XL

> Old School Faves!


For decades when you thought of Puma within football, you thought of Puma King’s! The old school 100% trusted football boot. Puma King’s were one of the most popular boots within their time and here we see the return of one of the most well respected pairs of football boots on the market.

The Puma King XL is the reinvention of the Puma King’s and with the new technology and old school look, these boots were sure to make a mark with the diehard Puma King fans across the globe. So, how far have the Puma Kings actually come and do the XL stack up against their ancestors?

When the Puma King XL were in the design stage Puma are said to have wanted to recapture the magic of Eusebio and Johan Cruyff and integrate this with new technology. The XL’s which stand for “40” in roman numerals are all about quality and heritage. The newest release incorporates the old styling with the new advances in technology.

With the Puma King XL’s it is all about comfort, support and cushioning with the TPU injected outsole and the aptolast conforming to the natural curves of the feet, they offer extreme comfort and feel all over. These boots are certainly set to stir the strings of many a die hard Puma King fan and with the advances in technology, they seem to have been brought into the 21 st century and beyond!

They are also available in various colours now from White and Red to the very popular Yellow!

Worn by: Michael Carrick