Total 90 Laser II



Nike Total 90 Laser II are the latest release for the 09/10 version from the Nike Total 90 range. Commonly known in the footballing world as the boots made for power and precision, these boots are very popular among players of all postions on the world stage. The release of the Laser II’s see advances in technology partnered with various colours to suit any player. The ones pictured are the LIMITED EDITION Orange and Black Nike T90 Laser II’s worn by many players worldwide. They are availble in many colours from white to silver to black.

As far as technology goes, the Laser II’s take on the Laser technology of the past models with the unique and innovative ShotShield development. Allowing the foot to ball and boot contact to be precise and clean making for precision passing and powerful shooting. Worn by the likes of Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres, you can imagine the power that can be generated with these football or soccer boots!

Moving on from past Laser models, the Nike Laser II’s have a new improved ShotShield area which has been expanded to allow the sweet spot to expand right across the boot where it matters. Paired with the new eVent technology that lets seat escape with ease allowing enhancced breathability. The lightweight boot now also comes with a PORON sockliner which surpresses the feel of the studs through the soulplate allowing extreme comfort and support.

All in all the Nike T90 Laser II continue to rock the world stage and offer players the opportunity to wear a lightweight boot with enahnced technology that is also ready for battle. You will find it highly unlikely that these would rip or tear like the Nike Vapors have been known too. So if you need something that will give you control. power and bite in the tackle, the Laser II’s could be the boot choice for you!

Worn By: Rooney, Torres, Sergio Ramos & Many More!