T90s Laser II RED

> Red Rag To A Bull?


One of the latest boots to come from the Nike T90 Laser II range in late 2008 is the Varsity Red & Metallic Silver colour. The T90s are one of the most popular boots within world football today with many superstar professionals quickly making them there choice of boot. This includes the likes of Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), Carlos Puyol (Barcelona) and Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid).

The Nike T90 Laser II have followed on from the previous T90 ranges with the emphasis being firmly set on Power and Touch. This may be the reason the likes of Rooney and Torres are well in favour of them. The Varsity Red colour is BRIGHT to say the least and with most boot colours nowadays its becoming very bold and brash as these boot wars continue to hot up. Nike are claiming the crown at the minute with the Nike Vapor PINK Boots and these Varsity Red T90s are up there with the best of them.

Personally these boots are a little on the bright side for me and they are the type of colour that you will either love them or hate them, even though throughout a hard fought game they will likely tone down. They do however possess all the prominant power and touch that the Nike T90 ranges offer and while being bright do deliver when it comes to the actual boot.

Colours in boots are about personalities now and not quality and these Varsity Red T90s will either be your Number 1 choice or “I Could Never Pull Them Off” choice. If you have a big personality and a big presence on and off the pitch then these boots will be right up your street. If you fall on the opposite side of the personality fence then maybe this could be a bold step to far for you.

Are they holding a red rag to the bull in you?