T90 Laser II Leather (Black)

> Nike Takes It Back To The Old Skool!


The Nike T90 Laser II range has added a new weapon to its ever changing and ever growing arsenal. The Nike T90 Lasey II “Leather”. When looking at these boots I get the feeling that Nike have implemented a little bit of the Old Skool into their New Skool Boot. The T90 Laser II Leather takes all the chracteristics from the T90 Laser II range but adds a little sprinkling of subtlety.

The look of the boot from first impressions is one of the Old Skool with the leather glowing and what looks like a long overflapping tongue. The reality is a little different, but for the better. The Old Skool T90s as I call them come with all the exact same chracteristics as the other T90 Laser II ranges including the unique Shot Shield.

The differences however are that the Shot Shield doesn’t actually come all the way down the front of the boot and onto the toe area. The shot shield stops where the laces would stop on a basic football boot. This is what gives the boot the feeling of the old skool while maximizing the K Leather to its optimum to give the player a great feeling of comfort.

The T90 range are worn by a lot of top players from across the globe and enjoyed all the way down to the Grassroots level. This Leather (Black) style T90 allows the Old Skool and more subtle players amongst us to bath in the glory of the T90 range without having to splash out on an exhuberant bright pair of football boots.

A great boot made for the old skool player while keeping all the components that have made the Nike T90 Laser II range one of the leading boot ranges on the market today! Calling all players that want the technology without the colour, this is the perfect selection for you!

Starring: Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Fernando Torres (Liverpool) & Luis Figo (Inter Milan)