T90 Laser II Black/Orange

> Engineered By The Pros


The Nike T90 range have been talked about over and over again, and it seems for very good reason indeed. Deep from the technology lab of Nike come the Nike T90 Laser II developed completely with a mindset towards POWER! The innovative T90s complete with a uniquely developed SHOT SHIELD are engineered for the pros by the pros.

Worn consistently by the likes of Wayne Rooney & Fernando Torres, these boots are setting the nets of the premiership alight everytime they are unleashed. If Wayne Rooneys shot power and Fernando Torres’s touch and flair are anything to go by, there is no question at all that the T90s are maybe the ones to beat.

The T90s have been around now for a few years and they just keep getting better and better. The Shot Shield now which is also known as the “Sweet Spot” has been enhanced even further to give keepers throughout the world more to woory about than the flight of todays ball. The highest density material which is a massive 3 times harder than an ordinary synthetic upper is aligned with the strongest part of the human foot for not just improved accuracy but extreme explosive power.

I could never really imagine an Orange, Grey and Black boot but the Orange & Black combo of the Total 90s do look stylish while being subtle which is important in any game. The feet need to do the talking, not the boots!

The Nike T90 Laser II’s would fit into most players lockers. They possess the touch and strength for the dogfight and creativity of the midfield, to the power and composure needed by any top striker in todays football. You could maybe call it “The All Rounder”. One of the most popular boots at Professional level and grassroots level and you can see why!

Starring: Wayne Rooney (Everton), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) & Many More….