Ronaldinho Dois

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The Nike Ronaldinho Dois are one of Nikes latest marvels in the world of football boots. A completely different angle when it comes to designing the boot, the Nike Ronaldinho Dois have focused more on the touch and control of the game rather than the speed and agility element many football boots base themselves on presently.

The Ronaldinho Dois are as quite clearly recognized, built around one of the greatest footballers of this day and age. Ronaldinho, the player with the magic touch has fused together with Nike to bring you a boot that focuses on the brilliance of touch and control when beating an opponent or winning a game of football.

The Nike Dois have been constructed from soft quilted K Leather and a shortened lace system allowing more room for control. The instep of the boot has actually been dampened, thus allowing the ball to be killed dead almost instantly. The heavy focus on control and touch is meant to allow the wearer more freedom and finer control when performing tricks with the ball or simply controlling and passing in tight spaces.

With a name like Ronaldinho spearheading the march with these boots and putting his name on them, there is indeed a lot of expectation from fellow stars and grassroot players that these perform exactly as they say they will on tin. The first general reviews of the boots seem to be glowing with a huge emphasis placed on comfort and control. A player like Ronaldinho is admired by many and having a boot with his name on not perform as they should could have major consequences, but it seems Nike have delivered yet another new dimension to their foothold within the football and soccer boot industry and these offer players a completely different avenue for their game.

So it seems if you are a player like Ronaldinho that puts a lot of emphasis on touch and control then these boots would fit nicely into your game and give you that added edge over your opponents. Available in many different colours as pictured.