Mercurial Vapor IV Berry

> Those Pink Boots


Are we looking at a ground breaking boot here? The Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Berry. The latest in the Nike Mercurial range and a pair of boots that you could say are taking the football world by storm. Noted as “Ultra Limited Edition“, these boots are kind of like Marmite (You Will Either Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em). Here at football boots 101 we are in favour of the new boot taking the football world by storm.

The Nike Mercurial range are targeted to the speedy players out there and with these new “Very Pink” boots you can see exactly why. A pair of boots most will say “Only The Fast Will Get Away With It” hold everything you need if its getting noticed your looking for.

Worn by the likes of Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich) & Nicklas Bendtner (Arsenal) these boots possess the same specifics of all the Nike Mercurial Vapor range and are super light weight enabling the player wearing them to take advantage of their speed and ability.

Again though, the colour is the major talking point when it comes to these boots and like mentioned are either a huge turn on or a major turn off and may be the reason they are not widely worn throughout the elite leagues throughout the world.

Each boot is only 275grams in weight and like all the other Nike Mercurial Vopor range it has been designed for the speedy players and players looking for light footwear to enhance their ability, agility and interaction with the pitch.

This boot basically points to 2 things and it seems are only really suitable if you possess the fast twitch fibres needed and you want to stand out on the field. So if you as a player fall into that category these would be a great purchase, if not then I would definately consider a different choice of footwear for your game.

Worn By: Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich) & Niklas Bendtner (Arsenal)