Mercurial SUPERFLY

> Awe Inspiring


If you love Nike Football Boots and you are a follower of everything Nike and football then you will have most certainly heard of the new “Superfly” edition. The latest edition to the Nike Mecurial range, the Vapor Superfly’s are simply awe inspiring. Probably the most expensive pair of boots ever, but are they really worth it?

Well, firstly, if you are a weight kind of guy or gal, then let me tell you these are the LIGHTEST football boot EVER (to date) at a mere 185 grams. Again, like the normal Mecurial Vapors, the superfly incorporate the “Flywire” technology which strengthens the boot without sacrificing the weight. Flywire technology is acts like suspension cables on a bridge and holds the foot in place where it matters.

The revolutionary Superfly are made to adjust to your feet and foot shape individually so don’t go borrowing your mates otherwise you will end up with a mass of painful blisters. When it comes to a personalized boot, you probably caan’t find anything like these that will literally mould around your game and foot to give you the best support and movement possible. Literally allowing you to get on with your own job of beating your opponent!

The Superfly have had professional input and I don’t mean some scientist or professors in the deep caves of the Nike headquarters. The new Nike Vapor Superfly’s have had input from the most expensive player in the world to date, the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has helped Nike in creating a soleplate with an added stud to the ball area of the foot to help with turning at speed, something Ronaldo knows all about!

To add to all of the above Nike took the carbon fibre solplate technology from the Mecurial Vapor Super Lights to add even more lightness to the latest edition of the Vapor range.

From an outside look, these boots really do look awe inspiring and with the likes of Ronaldo and Drogba ripping these to shreds, it is plain to see that these are the professionals choice when it comes to NIKE!

Worn By Ronaldo & Drogba