CTR360 Maestri

> Nikes Playmakers, Fabregas Endorsed!


The newest range of football boots to hit the Nike range and shelves are the Nike CTR360 Maestri’s, built for touch, accuracy and playmaking. Nike have always worked very closely with some of the best world players and with these boots they are no different. It is an important aspect of any boot manufacturer to work with or monitor the game closely to build and construct the best possible pair of football boots to soccer players worldwide, on any level!

The Nike CTR360 Maestri are built with precision and accuracy in mind and with Cesc Fabregas being one of the frontrunning endorsers of the new Nike’s, you won’t be stupid to think that these were intended for the playmakers of the beautiful game!

They are built from the soleplate up with the main vision for touch, control and precision. Available in Black & Red or White, Black & Yellow, they also offer a different look to the standard Nike ranges of past years.

They are built from Kanga Lite to give comfort, support and extra feel for the ball to help enhance the touch. They also incorporate many different technological advances when it comes to the boots. The forefront of the boot containg the brand new DAMPENING PODS to enhnce touch even further, a new design and invention from Nike.

The lacing as with many boots are off centre allowing the wearer to have much more of the boot for passing, shooting and of course controlling in tight situations. They also incorporate the same synthetic materials to help the boot mould to the foot for each individual player! These really are a new styloe of boot for Nike and have all the hallmarks of a bery popular choice for both elite players wolrdwide and players at lower levels.

You can bet your bottom dollar that many pros worldwide have a dabble in these as they seem to offer exactly what most players want! Touch, precision, accuracy and durability! Nike playmakers, come and get em!

Worn By: Cesc Fabregas