Zhero Gravity

> Whooooossshhhh!


The revolutionary “NO LACE” Football Boot!

Lotto Zhero Gravity are Lottos signature speed boot. the ultra lightweight boot brings both style and comfort to your game. Lotto have been on the verge of doing something special for years and with the Zhero Gravity making waves throughout the footballing world, maybe they have finally found the key!

This boot as mentioned is revolutionary and this is because they are the very first Laceless football boot. The eye catching pearly white and red boots players from every league are enjoying the comfort of Zhero Gravity including Julio Cruz (Inter Milan), Christian Ledesma (Lazio) and Glen Johnson (Portsmouth).

The Zhero Gravity actually breaks free from the mould literally with the new Dual Fit System complete with removable double insoles as well as customizable cushioning and studs. They are Lottos King of Speed and Agility and as you can see they really do look like they may be paving the way for the football boot world.

Now for the players out there, these may seem most suitable for the quick and agile with the super lightweight features, but it seems in reality they also provide a solution to every player looking for optimal performance in any position of the field!

Worn By: Julio Cruz (Inter Milan), Christian Ledesma (Lazio) & Glen Johnson (Portsmouth)