> Messi’s All Over It!


The new release for the 09/10 season are the Adidas F50i worn and modelled on the current world footballer of the year – Lionel Messi! So, with this latest release of the F50 range, what’s different and are they worth the small price increase???

Adidas F50i – The Lowdown

Starting with the upper of the boot, the F50i’s incorporate the Sprint Skin material that allow the very best in comfort, feel and touch. These are Adidas’s Speed boots and the Sprint Skin makes this achievable. The upper of the boot also incorporates other aspects to help with breathability, helping to stop unwanted smells or sweat, something footballers at all levels have to deal with!

There are 2 types of the F50i, one being the PRO LITE version and the other being the COMFORT verison, the Pro Lite version with a newly constructed chassis allowing the boot to feel EVEN LIGHTER!

Adidas released the F50s last year with the infamous interchangeable feature, allowing players interchange studs and moulded blades for different surfaces. Again, also allowing the change of uppers aswell for anypne wanting a change throughout the year. The F50i do not dissapoint in this area either and they all come with interchangeable uppers, chassis and studs!

The Adidas F50i have been very popular on the world stage amongst elite players this year as well to build on last years success with the likes of Adebayor and of course Messi, gracing pitches worldwide with these. Overall, a nice boot if you are looking for a light pair of boots with the added speed element and interchangeable feature. Also, if you were an F50 wearer last year, these you are definately going to like!

Worn By: Adebayor, Ashley Young, Messi & Many More