> Speed And Agility!


The Adidas f50.9 is the latest addition to the already stunning f 50 family. With a new design and new technology Adidas have come up with the f50.9 which is being worn by the likes of Leo Messi, David Villa, Jermaine Defoe and many more top stars.

It has a 3 part design, the upper the chassis and studs.

The upper is constructed from the patented Adidas ADIGRIP to make the boot have more grip and more light weight to give you added control and lightness for that extra bit of speed to pass the opposition. It has an all clear technology adding style and more lightness to the boot to give you more creativity, speed and stability, it has a full lace cover to maximise the shooting surface for a more controlled shot , and a glove like fit to give you more feel for the ball so your touch is more precise.

The f50.9 has a 2 piece chassis to make it the lightest boot from Adidas to date. It gives you the opportunity to change studs for all weather conditions. The studs come in 3 types, hard ground for the wet conditions, firm ground and soft ground for the dryer types of pitches.

Flair and speed are what you need to keep up with the latest addition of the f50.9. If you’re a player that skill and speed to leave your opposition behind then the f50.9 is the boot for you. It’s lightweight, stylish and elite, if players like Leo Messi and David Villa wear them then I say no more.

The Adidas f50.9 come in an array of colours (running black/ neon yellow and running white) (Night sky/poppy and running white) and (Running white/red and black) also the new Leo Messi endorsed f50.9 which are haze/night sky and running white.