Adipure II TRX Brown

> Heritage Styling?


The Adidas Adipure range has really come into its own in the 09/10 season and has capitalized on its success last season. With great players like Lampard and Kaka wearing these, it just goes to show how well these boots are seen on the world stage. Now, Adidas have made a little bit of a bold step here, kind of like Nike did with the Pink Boots and have taken their range of Heritage looking boots to a new level.

Introducing the Adidas Adipures Brown Boots – Back to the old school!

When you think brown boots, you think back to the days of black and white televised matches but Adidas are the first to bring the colour brown into the 21st century. On first looking these boots are like MARMITE, you are either going to LOVE THEM or Hate Them and everyone has an opinion. But looking past the colour for a second, how is the technological side of the boot?

The actual Brown boot actually takes the same technological advances of the general Adipure II’s which have been designed with the assistance of the Brazilian Maestro that is Kaka. They are built for TOUCH, plain and simple and are an awesome choice for a quick passing midfielder or close control striker.

The boots are actually inspired by the 1978 World Cups and offers the ULTRA-SOFT ball feel that results in the greatest of touches. Steeped in heritage and style they are Adidas’s new marvel boot and are certainbly becoming more and more popular on the world stage. In this case, if you can get past the Brown colour, you will capitalize on a well designed, subtle yet devastatingly lethal boot.

If you are not a BROWN LOVER, the Adipure II’s are available in various colours from plain black through to red and white!

Worn By: Kaka & Lampard