Nike T90 Laser II Black/Orange – Engineered By The Pros

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The Nike T90 range have been talked about over and over again, and it seems for very good reason indeed. Deep from the technology lab of Nike come the Nike T90 Laser II developed completely with a mindset towards POWER! The innovative T90s complete with a uniquely developed SHOT SHIELD are engineered for the pros by the pros.

Worn consistently by the likes of Wayne Rooney & Fernando Torres, these boots are setting the nets of the premiership alight everytime they are unleashed. If Wayne Rooneys shot power and Fernando Torres’s touch and flair are anything to go by, there is no question at all that the T90s are maybe the ones to beat.

The T90s have been around now for a few years and they just keep getting better and better. The Shot Shield now which is also known as the “Sweet Spot” has been enhanced even further to give keepers throughout the world more to woory about than the flight of todays ball. The highest density material which is a massive 3 times harder than an ordinary synthetic upper is aligned with the strongest part of the human foot for not just improved accuracy but extreme explosive power.

I could never really imagine an Orange, Grey and Black boot but the Orange & Black combo of the Total 90s do look stylish while being subtle which is important in any game. The feet need to do the talking, not the boots!

The Nike T90 Laser II’s would fit into most players lockers. They possess the touch and strength for the dogfight and creativity of the midfield, to the power and composure needed by any top striker in todays football. You could maybe call it “The All Rounder”. One of the most popular boots at Professional level and grassroots level and you can see why!

Starring: Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) & Many More….

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Nike CTR360 Maestri – Nikes Playmakers, Fabregas Endorsed!

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Nike CTR360 Maestri

Nike CTR360 Maestri

The newest range of football boots to hit the Nike range and shelves are the Nike CTR360 Maestri’s, built for touch, accuracy and playmaking. Nike have always worked very closely with some of the best world players and with these boots they are no different. It is an important aspect of any boot manufacturer to work with or monitor the game closely to build and construct the best possible pair of football boots to soccer players worldwide, on any level!

The Nike CTR360 Maestri are built with precision and accuracy in mind and with Cesc Fabregas being one of the frontrunning endorsers of the new Nike’s, you won’t be stupid to think that these were intended for the playmakers of the beautiful game!

They are built from the soleplate up with the main vision for touch, control and precision. Available in Black & Red or White, Black & Yellow, they also offer a different look to the standard Nike ranges of past years.

They are built from Kanga Lite to give comfort, support and extra feel for the ball to help enhance the touch. They also incorporate many different technological advances when it comes to the boots. The forefront of the boot containg the brand new DAMPENING PODS to enhnce touch even further, a new design and invention from Nike.

The lacing as with many boots are off centre allowing the wearer to have much more of the boot for passing, shooting and of course controlling in tight situations.  They also incorporate the same synthetic materials to help the boot mould to the foot for each individual player! These really are a new styloe of boot for Nike and have all the hallmarks of a bery popular choice for both elite players wolrdwide and players at lower levels.

You can bet your bottom dollar that many pros worldwide have a dabble in these as they seem to offer exactly what most players want! Touch, precision, accuracy and durability! Nike playmakers, come and get em!

Worn By: Cesc Fabregas

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Nike Total 90 Laser II are the latest release for the 09/10 version from the Nike Total 90 range. Commonly known in the footballing world as the boots made for power and precision, these boots are very popular among players of all postions on the world stage. The release of the Laser II’s see advances in technology partnered with various colours to suit any player. The ones pictured are the LIMITED EDITION Orange and Black Nike T90 Laser II’s worn by many players worldwide. They are availble in many colours from white to silver to black.

As far as technology goes, the Laser II’s take on the Laser technology of the past models with the unique and innovative ShotShield development. Allowing the foot to ball and boot contact to be precise and clean making for precision passing and powerful shooting. Worn by the likes of Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres, you can imagine the power that can be generated with these football or soccer boots!

Moving on from past Laser models, the Nike Laser II’s have a new improved ShotShield area which has been expanded to allow the sweet spot to expand right across the boot where it matters. Paired with the new eVent technology that lets seat escape with ease allowing enhancced breathability. The lightweight boot now also comes with a PORON sockliner which surpresses the feel of the studs through the soulplate allowing extreme comfort and support.

All in all the Nike T90 Laser II continue to rock the world stage and offer players the opportunity to wear a lightweight boot with enahnced technology that is also ready for battle. You will find it highly unlikely that these would rip or tear like the Nike Vapors have been known too. So if you need something that will give you control. power and bite in the tackle, the Laser II’s could be the boot choice for you!

Worn By: Rooney, Torres, Sergio Ramos & Many More!

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Nike Mecurial SUPERFLY > Awe Inspiring

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If you love Nike Football Boots and you are a follower of everything Nike and football then you will have most certainly heard of the new “Superfly” edition. The latest edition to the Nike Mecurial range, the Vapor Superfly’s are simply awe inspiring. Probably the most expensive pair of boots ever, but are they really worth it?

Well, firstly, if you are a weight kind of guy or gal, then let me tell you these are the LIGHTEST football boot EVER (to date) at a mere 185 grams. Again, like the normal Mecurial Vapors, the superfly incorporate the “Flywire” technology which strengthens the boot without sacrificing the weight. Flywire technology is acts like suspension cables on a bridge and holds the foot in place where it matters.

The revolutionary Superfly are made to adjust to your feet and foot shape individually so don’t go borrowing your mates otherwise you will end up with a mass of painful blisters. When it comes to a personalized boot, you probably caan’t find anything like these that will literally mould around your game and foot to give you the best support and movement possible. Literally allowing you to get on with your own job of beating your opponent!

The Superfly have had professional input and I don’t mean some scientist or professors in the deep caves of the Nike headquarters. The new Nike Vapor Superfly’s have had input from the most expensive player in the world to date, the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has helped Nike in creating a soleplate with an added stud to the ball area of the foot to help with turning at speed, something Ronaldo knows all about!

To add to all of the above Nike took the carbon fibre solplate technology from the Mecurial Vapor Super Lights to add even more lightness to the latest edition of the Vapor range.

From an outside look, these boots really do look awe inspiring and with the likes of Ronaldo and Drogba ripping these to shreds, it is plain to see that these are the professionals choice when it comes to NIKE!

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Worn By Ronaldo & Drogba


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Nike Mecurial Vapor V – Roadrunners Choice!

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The Nike Mecurial Vapor V’s are the speedy choice for professionals worldwide. In every professional game so far this season these have been arguably the choice for speedy wingers and lightning quick strikers worldwide. This is the latest boot from the Nike Vapor range and it is the first boot to use the “Flywire” technology which is designed to make a football boot stronger without sacrificing the weight.

We all know that the lighter football boots have gone, the more often they need to be changed through wear and tear. The new Nike Vapor V’s are aiming to combat this while keeping the fundamentals of a light, slipper like boot for the speedy players across the globe.

The Nike Vapor V’s are available in various colours with the most popular being the BLACK & VOLT, which does look very sleek. When Nike started out the arduous journey of creating the new VAPORS, they talked to players across the world and asked what could be better. Many professionals worlwide pointing out the need for more touch and ball feel.

Well, Nike answered the comments and have equipped the Vapor V’s with a “SPEED TOUCH AREA” which has been developed to offer the speedy dribblers more touch and feel for the ball they are running with, a huge step forward in the technology stakes. This area sitting roughly where the swoosh is located.

The new Vapor 5 football boot is the new look for Nike contracted players worldwide for the start of the 09/10 season with the Black/Volt colour range proving to be the most popular. These boots are available in soft and firm ground plates to take you from season to season on the pitch. Both types offer the essential traction and grip needed to beat your opposition.

So, if your game is focused on beating your man to the byline or skinning a defender alive as you calmly slot the ball into the bottom corner, these boots would be the perfect choice and a pair of football boots that do what they are meant too, frighten the opposition!

Worn By: Ronaldo, Drogba & Walcott!

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Nike Vapor V's

Nike Vapor V’s

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