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Nike Total 90 Laser II are the latest release for the 09/10 version from the Nike Total 90 range. Commonly known in the footballing world as the boots made for power and precision, these boots are very popular among players of all postions on the world stage. The release of the Laser II’s see advances in technology partnered with various colours to suit any player. The ones pictured are the LIMITED EDITION Orange and Black Nike T90 Laser II’s worn by many players worldwide. They are availble in many colours from white to silver to black.

As far as technology goes, the Laser II’s take on the Laser technology of the past models with the unique and innovative ShotShield development. Allowing the foot to ball and boot contact to be precise and clean making for precision passing and powerful shooting. Worn by the likes of Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres, you can imagine the power that can be generated with these football or soccer boots!

Moving on from past Laser models, the Nike Laser II’s have a new improved ShotShield area which has been expanded to allow the sweet spot to expand right across the boot where it matters. Paired with the new eVent technology that lets seat escape with ease allowing enhancced breathability. The lightweight boot now also comes with a PORON sockliner which surpresses the feel of the studs through the soulplate allowing extreme comfort and support.

All in all the Nike T90 Laser II continue to rock the world stage and offer players the opportunity to wear a lightweight boot with enahnced technology that is also ready for battle. You will find it highly unlikely that these would rip or tear like the Nike Vapors have been known too. So if you need something that will give you control. power and bite in the tackle, the Laser II’s could be the boot choice for you!

Worn By: Rooney, Torres, Sergio Ramos & Many More!

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Mizuno Wave Ghost 3 – Mizuno Speed!

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Mizuno Wave Ghost 3 Review

Mizuno Wave Ghost 3 Review

Within the football boot development industry Mizuno are most certainly cast in the shadows generally of the big 3 being Nike, Adidas and Puma, but they in fact produce football boots that are most definately worthy of a mention. They are also popular within the professional footballing world as well with elite players like HULK from Porto sporting this choice in footwear.

So what are the Mizuno Wave Ghost 3’s all about?

Well, football boots are generally cast into 3 categories now being SPEED, POWER AND HERITAGE or TOUCH! The Wave Ghost’s are the SPEED offering from Mizuno. The launch of these are brand new for the 09/10 season and aim to conbine both speed and exceptional design within the offering.

Most reading this unless a past Mizuno fanatic may tend to overlook the speed offerings from boot makers other than Nike, Adidas and Puma but if you dig a little deeper there are certainly gems to be found! Mizuno in this case have teamed up with Kuraray to develop a synthetic upper that has all the characteristics of the usual K-leather, minus the weight. So you can certainly see that Mizuno have their feet pointing in the right direction.

Teamed with the synthetic upper is a sockliner designed for extreme comfort and a soleplate that is designed to offer more agility when running and dribbling with the heel being lighter minimizing the downward force when sprinting and running for the ball!

Mizuno are certainly kept in the shadows but are not out of the fight to produce the best speed boot of the 09/10 season and the Mizuno Wave Ghost 3 football boots are certainly worth a deeper consideration!

Worn By: Hulk (Porto)

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Puma v1.815 FERRARI – Limited Edition Puma’s

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Puma have been tapping on the door as one of the leaders of the football boot industry for a few years now and with the v range of Puma’s being very popular amongst some of the stars of the worldwide stage, it is no surprize that these LIMITED EDITION Ferrari style Puma V.1.815s are sought after.

At first glance they actually have a comparison to running spikes and something Usain Bolt would rip up the athletics rubber in, but these are the latest boots from Puma aimed at arming the speedy guys out there with something a little special!

At second glance the boot looks likes the usual V1 range of Puma football boots but these aren’t about cosmetic enhancements, this is about combing one of the fastest boots on the planet with the FERRARI F1 team to develop an even faster boot, is it actually possible? Well, at a cool £250 (approx) for a pair, you would hope they achieved what they set out to achieve, SPEED!

The limited edition boot actually weighs in at 165 grams leaving the superflys in the dust. So, it may seem that Puma have run through the chequered flag into pole position on the speed stakes! They benefit from a revised stud arrangement on the soleplate and heel area to give more grip when firing out short, sharp sprints and the Aptolast innovation allowing the boot to mould to your foot with the super light textile upper.

An snug fit and ferrari colours really sets this boot on a new level and puts Puma in the forefront for taking the football boot innovation and design to the next level. How will the other manufacturers match this?

Well, with the new innovative design comes a higher price tag than usual boots as mentioned above and with these being SUPER LIMITED EDITION, it seems that only the like of ETO’O will really benefit from this groundbreaking football boot, unless of course you are fast!!!

Worn By: Eto’o

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Adidas Adipure II TRX Brown – Heritage Styling?

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The Adidas Adipure range has really come into its own in the 09/10 season and has capitalized on its success last season. With great players like Lampard and Kaka wearing these, it just goes to show how well these boots are seen on the world stage. Now, Adidas have made a little bit of a bold step here, kind of like Nike did with the Pink Boots and have taken their range of Heritage looking boots to a new level.

Introducing the Adidas Adipures Brown Boots – Back to the old school!

When you think brown boots, you think back to the days of black and white televised matches but Adidas are the first to bring the colour brown into the 21st century. On first looking these boots are like MARMITE, you are either going to LOVE THEM or Hate Them and everyone has an opinion. But looking past the colour for a second, how is the technological side of the boot?

The actual Brown boot actually takes the same technological advances of the general Adipure II’s which have been designed with the assistance of the Brazilian Maestro that is Kaka. They are built for TOUCH, plain and simple and are an awesome choice for a quick passing midfielder or close control striker.

The boots are actually inspired by the 1978 World Cups and offers the ULTRA-SOFT ball feel that results in the greatest of touches. Steeped in heritage and style they are Adidas’s new marvel boot and are certainbly becoming more and more popular on the world stage. In this case, if you can get past the Brown colour, you will capitalize on a well designed, subtle yet devastatingly lethal boot.

If you are not a BROWN LOVER, the Adipure II’s are available in various colours from plain black through to red and white!

Worn By: Kaka & Lampard

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Puma King XL – Old School Faves!

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For decades when you thought of Puma within football, you thought of Puma King’s! The old school 100% trusted football boot. Puma King’s were one of the most popular boots within their time and here we see the return of one of the most well respected pairs of football boots on the market.

The Puma King XL is the reinvention of the Puma King’s and with the new technology and old school look, these boots were sure to make a mark with the diehard Puma King fans across the globe. So, how far have the Puma Kings actually come and do the XL stack up against their ancestors?

When the Puma King XL were in the design stage Puma are said to have wanted to recapture the magic of Eusebio and Johan Cruyff and integrate this with new technology. The XL’s which stand for “40” in roman numerals are all about quality and heritage. The newest release incorporates the old styling with the new advances in technology.

With the Puma King XL’s it is all about comfort, support and cushioning with the TPU injected outsole and the aptolast conforming to the natural curves of the feet, they offer extreme comfort and feel all over. These boots are certainly set to stir the strings of many a die hard Puma King fan and with the advances in technology, they seem to have been brought into the 21 st century and beyond!

They are also available in various colours now from White and Red to the very popular Yellow!

Worn by: Michael Carrick

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